Z and Joxa Company Inc. Instagram Photo Submission Rules and Regulations

Last updated: July 20, 2022

Here at Z and Joxa Company Inc. we want to see our clothes and products on our customers. In order to get as many photographs as possible from you wearing our products we have decided to introduce a program that rewards you for submitting photographs!

How It Works

  1. Purchase an item (or several) from zjoxa.com;
  1. Take a photo of yourself wearing that item;
  1. Post the photo on your personal Instagram account (Note: your Instagram account must be a public account) using one of the three hashtags #zjoxa, #zandjoxa, #zjoxaco in the caption; (Note: Photos sent via email or direct message through any social platform will also be accept.)
  1. If we at Z & Joxa Co. review your photo and decide to add or post it to our Instagram gallery featured on our website (found on our Social page), we will send add rewards points to your store account that will equal $10 USD off your next purchase! You must have a store account on zjoxa.com to earn the rewards. 


  1. In order for your photo to be eligible for selection it must contain the following: 
    • At least one item that was purchased from zjoxa.com;
    • The item must still be offered on zjoxa.com
  1. Z and Joxa Company Inc. is a company that celebrates diversity. Our products and items are meant to be seen on anyone and everyone and therefore, we will not be accepting or posting any photo that includes: 
    • Nudity, you must be fully clothed; Please note that wearing a bathing suit doesn’t count as nudity. However, underwear, under garments and bras is considered nudity and will not be accepted as fully clothed.
    • Inappropriate language or captions that harass or discriminate others based on sexuality, race, age, or gender.
    • Other brands of clothing that can be identified in the photograph.
    • Any person that has not consented to have their photograph taken with the knowledge that it may be selected and posted onto our website. If we are notified that a person in the photo has not provided their consent, it will be removed from our Instagram galley and the discount code will be revoked.

The Not so Small Print

  1. Rewards points will only be provided to customers whose photographs have been selected to be posted to our Instagram gallery;
  1. Rewards points will be awarded per eligible photo submission, excluding repeated and similar photos;
  1. Selected photographs that contain clothing or products that are not currently offered by Z and Joxa Company Inc. will be removed from our Instagram gallery;
  1. The ownership rights of a photograph posted on our Instagram gallery will be governed by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.