Z & Joxa Co. Photo of Founder
Z & Joxa Co. Photo of Founder

The Big Picture

Z & Joxa Co. is an online shop that sells to loved customers across Canada and the USA. All the products on zjoxa.com are carefully curated into collections by LaVerne herself.

Orders are shipped directly to you either from our location in Midland, Texas or directly to you from the vendor. This combo (we call it a hybrid) allows Z & Joxa Co. to sell a broad range of products from vendors all over the world as well as hold and ship-out inventory from our Hand Picked, Hand Shipped - HPHS Collection.

Z & Joxa Co. guarantees each and every piece that we sell. If you receive an item that you are not happy with, or that took longer to get to you than indicated please reach-out and we will make it better for you!

It’s important to us to support small and unique vendors that have amazing pieces and a story to tell through their products so if you know any person or business making amazing pieces drop us a note because we'd love to feature them as a vendor on our site!

You will notice that Z & Joxa Co. separates it’s collections by ‘where it’s made’, this is for those of you that care about where the clothing and accessories you wear are made (and also a it's inspired by all of LaVerne's travels). We hope to continously add more and more collections from amazing vendors from around the world! .... Stay Tuned! xoxo