For those of you that don't know, 2023 is my wedding year! So between January to now (May 30) it has been a whirlwind of wedding planning, trips, work, store and markets! It's such a fun time, and I am so grateful for everything in my life. 

Personally in the past 6 months, I've been to Phoenix (Az) -> twice, Park City (Utah), Dallas (Texas), Georgetown (Texas), Palm Springs (Cali), and I also work a full time job and I run the store! So phew, its been alot! But again, loved every minute of the whirlwind. Life is so great, all you can do is live it to the fullest!

For markets, I did January, February and March (x3 in a row) Micromarket Lo. Street downtown Midland. My Mom was here visiting for the winter (She's a snowbird) and so I had the best helper and company for all three markets. 

April I did not do a market because April was a big month for me. It is my birthday month, my Fiance and I celebrated an anniversary and my amazing girlfriends organized x2 bachelorette parties! Which were both such epic weekends!

In May I did two markets in one day (yes, a 15 hour day of markets) but it was not intentional. The first market was supposed to be May 12, a Friday night market in Odessa, but we got stormed out. So the market got postponed to the following Saturday, May 20 which was also the Perch Merch market in Midland. So, I did both in a row! Why not, right!? The photo I posted is me at the Perch Merch market on May 20. My Fiance helped me do the back-to-back markets, I could do them myself, but it is so much easier (and more fun) do them together with him! 

For June I plan on doing the Micromarket downtown Midland on June 3rd. See y'all there!

- LaVerne (Z & Joxa Co. Founder) 💛