The idea to start this online store started a couple years ago when I was in Uganda, Africa. I fell in-love with a small rural community in Uganda and I learned that the public school system in Uganda is almost non-existent; and for children to get a good education they must go to private school. The school fees for private school is expensive and not all families can afford to put their children in school.

So myself and a few others from the organization (that I was in Uganda with) started to sponsor children to go to school. I'm currently still sponsoring a little boy. But this wasn't enough in my eyes. So started a venture to create jobs and bring business to this community in Uganda.

Together with a friend of mine, and a couple ladies in Uganda. We created a single skew pair of flowy pants that will be made in Uganda and imported to sell on the site. As of now, we have 25 pair of pants ready-made to be imported, but unfortunately due to covid19 we have no way to get them from Uganda to Canada at this time. So this project is on hold, but we are patiently waiting for worldwide travel to get back to normal so we can resume this venture. 

In the meantime, Z & Joxa Co. has turned into a full-fledge online store that sells clothing from several different vendors around the world. My dream is to find more places (like in Uganda) that have a story to tell and sell beautifully made clothing that support people and communities around the world. 

Stay tuned for updates!

LaVerne (Z & Joxa Co. Founder)


I’m so happy to hear of your new venture and I wish you all the best of success with this new line of flowy pants made in Uganda. What a venture for you and which also creates employment. You followed your dream and pursued it.

— Louise