We experienced ‘Fake Fall’ the morning of Oct. 7, 2023 downtown Midland, TX at the Lo. Street Market. Always, the first Saturday of every month. The morning was chilly but it warmed right up in no time. Sounds about right for Midland weather. 

The market's best seller was: ‘Color Like a Boss Colorful Knit Long Cardigan’. I love that y’all love color as much as I do!

It is always so nice to see everyones friendly faces, and see what y'all are lovin' on the rack. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. We appreciate you!

We took a couple months break on markets since the trailer was stolen. That deflated us a little bit, but things like this this only make us stronger. We still haven't replaced the trailer, but we are making do in the meantime, we had to downsize a bit, but its only short term. 

We look forward to getting back into the full swing of things again in the next few months!

- LaVerne (Z & Joxa Co. Founder) 💛